Andrej Zverev (born 1974) lives and works in Stockholm. Andrej’s artistic work is based on exploring the interaction between object and viewer. In various installations he has worked with mixing materials and shapes. To challenge the viewer’s perception, he experimented with the pictured image of an object through displacement of the object’s purpose, thereby creating contrast and paradox. Key concepts in Andrej’s creations are stories of the worlds inbetween dream, imagination and reality. In paintings he revive emotions and sensations of objects experienced in real events and then repeatedly occuring in dreams. The stories also highlight the difficulties to separate illusion from reality, something that may occur under certain circumstances.

Photo: Michael Nasberg

Zurab Rtveliashvili International Performance Festival

Performance ”1+1+1+”


Fått stöd från Konstnärsnämnden

Fått stöd från Konstnärsnämnden



Öppen i förhållande till stängd

Öppen i förhållande till stängd




Installation and performance​

The Seaventh Seal

Installationen ”Det sjunde inseglet” är ett slags metafysisk avspegling av människolivet i tillvarons olika faser, från befruktningsögonblicket och ända till döden och ändlösheten.

Art objects

Art installation at MR- dagarna

No war No violence - Installation

The Swedish Forum for Human Rights


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